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Commercial & domestic skip hire and waste disposal

Sheffield • Rotherham • Barnsley


What size skip should I hire?

The ideal skip size depends on the amount of waste you think you'll be creating and how much space you have to put the skip.

What does the skip hire price include?

The price covers delivery, collection, and disposal and no labour. Typical hire period is for a week to 10 days but DJ Skip Hire is quite flexible about when we collect provided you give us adequate notice.

Why are skip prices higher for denser, heavier materials?

We do special rates for bricks, soil and concrete. However, waste disposal fees for skips are based on weight not volume of waste. The heavier the material, the more it costs to dispose of. So skip loads comprising denser, heavier materials like rubble, soil and concrete cost more than lighter loads of bulkier waste like furniture, paper & packaging, and flooring materials.

Can I put a skip in the road if I don't have space on my property?

Normally yes, but you will need a skip permit from the council before doing so. DJ Skip Hire will get the permit so you don't have to.

What access does a skip lorry need?

If you're planning to have a skip on your property rather than on the road, always check with with us beforehand how much access is required. Skip lorries are normally at least 8 ½ feet wide, with some as wide as 9 ½ feet.

What happens to the waste when I put it in a skip?

It depends on what waste you have, where you are in the UK. 90% of the waste we collect is recycled.

How do I avoid using a cowboy skip hire company?

DJ Skip Hire is fully licensed by the Environment Agency to remove waste.

Do skips have to have lights?

If the skip is placed on a public highway it must have adequate lighting to be seen by passers-by. There is no such requirement for skips placed on private property.

How much weight can a skip hold?

The capacity of a skip is measured in cubic yards. For smaller skips, as a rule of thumb, one cubic yard will contain up to one metric tonne (1,000 kilograms) of waste. Putting this into context, one metric tonne = roughly 340 standard house bricks. You can not apply this rule to the larger skips as there is a limit to the total weight that the skip lorries can transport. We can advise you when you call.

What can I put in a skip?

Whilst the majority of household and garden waste is perfectly suitable for putting in a skip, certain items which may pose a risk to health and safety must not be put in a skip and a safe alternative method of disposal must be employed, in accordance with regulations laid down by the Environment Agency.